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September 6, 2006

Walker Percy-The Loss of the Creature

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This reading did not leave me with many questions. I understood that the main point was that life itself can become Cliche. Main examples of this were with the Grand Canyon and the dogfish disection in biology class. If we look at aspects of life from the normal, typical angle we will be okay with the sight, but not completely satisfied. If we were to look beyond and find our own way of approaching the situation, our desires would then become fulfilled. To go beyond, searching for your own individual path, will lead you to the “it” that you were initially looking for. The “it” is different for everyone, which means that everyone needs to search on their own to find personal meaning to each situation. Cliche essentially means typical, and this reading made many references to not follow what typically was done, said, or looked at. Rather, once again, it is important to find your own way because you will be more contented. The only place that I struggled through this reading was with the flow of words because I found them to be a little choppy, and the thoughts presented were randomly placed throughout. However, in the end, the story pulled all of the main points back together. Overall I enjoyed reading Walker Percy’s writing.


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