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September 11, 2006

Second Reading Question One

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Percy had a good point to include more than one example within his whole point. Each example that he gives, does show multiple meanings as well as degrees of what he is trying to portray to the reader.

This first main example has to do with sightseeing at the Grand Canyon. Percy begins his degree of intensity at a very low level when he uses the comparison of looking at a strange object in your backyard to gazing at the Grand Canyon. This shows a literal meaning and is very obvious. He is saying that this is like seeing the object at the already formulated symbolic meaning like a picture, postcard or geography book. It would then be a downer for the tourist to not be as safisfied if they did not see the beauty that was portrayed on that previous picture that they had seen. Percy then continues to elaborate on the idea of “recovering” the beauty of the Grand Canyon. He gives many ways of doing so such as leaving the beaten path, creating your own perpective, or making a completely new configuration of the situation. The Grand Canyon example suggests that sightseeing is best to be done on your own so that the situation is unique to your own personal liking.

The second dominant example deals with a couple visiting Mexico. They get lost in this foreign country and come upon a native trip during a religious festival. Their trip was not satisfactory until they found something that was authentic. They had made the trip personal because they saw something that not everyone would be privileged enough to witness. They had now found the “it” that all travelers are hoping to experience. The “it” makes the trip satisfactory to those who go sight seeing. However this couple was seeking the approval of an expert ethnologist, so they were not completely soaking in the amazing atmosphere they had encountered.

Percy’s many examples provide different aspects to the perception of travelers who go out with great expectation of witnessing a unique and interesting sight.


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