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September 27, 2006

Alternative Views of Women

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This site leads to a Salvador Dali painting of a naked women, sitting on a bird. Women were viewed as desirable many years ago if they were plump and pale. This is the exact opposite now-a-days. Women are “beautiful” if they have color ( a tan ) and are very skinny and in shape. The women in the painting is gorgeous, even though she has small breasts and wide hips, with visable weight on her thighs. Salvador Dali is a very repuatable, and has painted many attractive women, none of which look like what the media presents today.


Dove has come out with a new campaign for real beauty. They are now putting average, slightly “overweight” women in undergarents on their adds in magazines. This must have been shocking for many to see because, we are very used to seeing the tall skinny girls as models. Dove is emphasizing that beauty is not only skin deep. But it starts with your skin, that’s what you should use Dove products : ) I reviewed Dove’s website, and they seem to be emphasizing that self esteem should not only come from the way you look. They have many pictures of so called “nonattractive” women on their site, who are created with being very beautiful. This is a great movement for all women to feel more confident in themselves, and to know that personality and many other aspects contribute to whether or not you are a beautiful person.


The Fourth picture down on this website has a Muslim women who is covered by her traditional dress. This women has beauty in the strength that she possesses, while carrying on her daily routines and such. I find beauty in this picture becasue it can also be representative that women do not need to wear small amounts of clothing to have significance in the world. Being modest with your style, gives more interest in who you are a human being, rather than focusing soley on looks and how attractive you are.



  1. I liked how you wrote about Dali. This definitely goes against what the average woman was depicted as, according to Douglass.

    Comment by Kristin Gauta — October 4, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

  2. dear krysta,

    i really wish i could see the images that were put up especially of that painting by salvador dali. it’s really hard for me to picture these beautiful women who don’t look like the typical “beautiful women” of these days. hmm… i think douglas would be thrilled to hear me say that right now.

    love, rachel

    Comment by Rachel — October 4, 2006 @ 10:13 pm

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