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October 25, 2006

Second Reading For Susan Bordo

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Question One:
Susan Bordo does take a very nice and steady pace when writing her essay. Her points are thoroughly expressed by many in depth examples. She really gets into the descriptive side of what she is saying, and uses a lot of visial as well as emotional expressions. I like the how she uses different subheadings to change from one topic to another. It reminds the reader that there is a change in subject, and kina regains focus to the topic at hand. I think Bordo incorporated pleasure within her text by putting down exactly what she felt at that particular moment when first observing the images. This style of writing would be fun to me to try. I like to analyze and put my feelings into words, and this would be a perfect way to integrate work and pleasure.

Question Two:
Susan Bordo has arranged her essay into various subsections. These subsections begin with some back round information which leads into examples. Bordo then uses the back round information to explain an ad, and where she though the “artist” had gotten their motivation for taking such a picture. In each subsection there is a mention of a gay perspective, and a criticism on the publisher of the image. She takes her time to make sure the reader knows exactly what point she is trying to make, and backs up her opinions with many many illustrations. In my opinion the first subsection was the strongest. I think that Susan Bordo was taken back the most by the first ad that she presented in her essay. She seemed to be most passionate and attached to this ad and therefore made it be the focal point of the beginning of her writing. The end subsection I believe was very strong as well. Bordo finished the essay with her conclusion statements and organized them very well. She also left the reader with the main points, and questions to ponder about.

Question Three:
Susan Bordo used her writing to thoroughly exemplify her points. She used a “subject position,” in many of her examples. This is a great way to lay out many different perspectives so that the reader can understand in a well-rounded manor. One of the repetative views that I noticed was that of a homosexual. There were many references made to the idea of the gay man. Some other “subject positions,” that I observed were Susan’s own personal view, the view of specific photographers and fashion experts, the idea of a satre, how movies portrayed the topic, as well as magazines and newspapers.

Question Four:

My ideas for the Research Paper:
For the research paper I would like to follow Chanel. Coco Chanel has been a very influential brand since the 1920’s. It would be interesting to follow not only their fashion line but also their makeup and perfume lines as well. I plan on researching all of their sights and looking back at their vintage ads. I also am interested in what their punch lines on commercials will be and how their products are presented in stores. The historical perspective will be fun to acquire, and will interest me every step of the way. Also there will be many visual aids and hopefully statistics that will help me to further clarify my research paper.


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