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November 8, 2006

Banking, A second reading

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For the most part, I think that college classroom settings, especially at Mary Washington are not set up in an opressor, opressive situation. However, I’m sure that there are many many examples of highschool classrooms, that fall into the “problem-posing” position. There was a social studies class in my high school in which all the teacher did was play movies, and then have the kids right an essay on the movie. Another example in a psychology setting would be just presented the information without real life paralles or even hands on learning. It is very obvious when a teacher is passionate about their work, and actually wants you to be excited about it. On the other hand, sometimes you find a teacher who is definitely just doing the job to make a little cash. The thought about Freire with the objects on his desk was very interesting. That idea can be applied to the class room, saying that the teacher is Freire and his students are the objects on him desk. The teacher is aware that they are there and what they are supposed to be functioning as however he never realyl puts them into his conscious.


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